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About Phurity

We are committed to developing safer, more effective green products for home and commercial use that help to protect people and the environment.

Founded in 2007, pHurity, LLC. is a formulator of plant-based, renewable and biodegradable green cleaning and personal care products that are manufactured in Michigan and distributed for retail and commercial use.

All of our product formulations undergo careful analysis before they are introduced to the market. Nearly all of our product formulas have been submitted for review and testing, and recognized as best in class - safer for human health and the environment - by a nationally known organization for more than six years. 

pHurity Inc. was awarded the first Michigan Green Chemistry Governor’s Award for Small Business.

As we continue to research and develop new products, we carefully select strategic partners who share the same values and commitment to delivering quality products that are safer for people and the planet. We also seek to educate consumers who are often confused about the difference between plant-based, sustainable green products and conventional products made and used by prior generations.