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Real Green

What is a Real Green Product?

A real green cleaning or personal care product is made from more sustainable ingredients that are safer for personal health and the environment.

“We congratulate pHurity for receiving the prestigious Michigan Green Chemistry Governor's award. It is an honor to work with environmental leaders such as pHurity to help protect the environment for future generations.”

Nancy Culotta

NSF International Vice President

It’s all about Chemistry.

Chemistry is concerned with the study of matter and the changes or reactions that take place with matter. Everything is made of matter—even distilled water, composed of hydroxide and hydronium ions that reacts with itself. All products, both conventional and green, are made with principles involved in chemistry.

How Chemistry is applied to Conventional Cleaners and Personal Care products.

The composition, behavior, structure and properties of materials are used to make some of the conventional cleaners and personal care products may generate hazardous substances and toxins.

Overcoming outcomes of “Brokenness” in health and the environment.

At pHurity, Inc. we strive to address this question daily. Why change something that isn’t broken? Why use green products? What we’ve learned is that people don’t routinely link a crack or split in their personal health, workforce health or the environment with toxicity.

While they may experience symptoms of compromise such as headaches, trouble breathing or a rash after the carpet is cleaned, they may not link their symptom—a crack or split in personal health—with the accumulation of toxins in their environment.

They may not notice that they are even seeing fewer bees pollinating flowers or fireflies on a summer night. They may not link a crack or split in the environment with the lack of grasshoppers. When is the last time you saw a grasshopper on your lawn?

When these health symptoms go away and the grass is green, everything appears to be well. Nothing is broken so nothing needs to be fixed. The process of brokenness may be subtle and not readily apparent until it’s too late—until an extended period of compromise from the accumulation of toxins causes the crack or split to break.

How Green Chemistry is applied to Green Cleaning and Personal Care products.

Green chemistry offers people and communities an opportunity to restore the cracks and splits caused by the accumulation of toxins before those cracks forcibly separate into pieces. It’s a new way of making products we use every day and is concerned with the design of products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of toxic substances. Green chemistry looks at how the composition, behavior, structure and properties of matter change and how those changes could affect people and the environment. Green chemistry is also called “sustainable” chemistry, because it supports the renewal of human health and environmental systems as opposed to their depletion or destruction.

How the principles of Green Chemistry apply to pHurity Cleaners and Personal Care products.

Our products are formulated from many of the proven core materials listed on CleanGredients®. pHurity products:

  • Are safer for personal health and the environment, and effective
  • Utilize certain renewable ingredients derived from agricultural products
  • Prevent waste—treat or clean up
  • Degrade or break down to less harmful substances after use so they do not accumulate in the environment
  • Minimize the potential for accidents, including explosions, fires and unsafe releases into the environment